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Our Wrap Proposition

Our Wrap Account

A Wrap account is an effective means of handling investment transactions that provides for centralised buying, selling and reporting and will offer you a clear view of your whole investment position.

AM&A's Wrap proposition makes it possible for us to work with you to set up and manage a cost-effective, consolidated collection of investments and to take advantage of appropriate tax benefits. When building your portfolio, our wrap gives us access to a very broad choice of investments managed by all the leading fund managers.

With our Wrap all the information you need is in one place and in a format designed for your benefit, including daily valuations and a full transaction history online. It is also possible to record other assets not actively managed by AM&A such as equity holdings, National Savings, bank and building society deposits.

Our Wrap proposition is totally independent of any fund manager, bank, building society or insurance company and offers total transparency of all charges. Through our Wrap we can offer access to many funds at a significant discount to the standard initial and annual management charges.