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Our Remuneration Policy

A key objective within our business is to create and build long-term client relationships by providing a hands-on and bespoke service throughout. Our principle functions include the provision of professional advice, investment management, administration, client reporting and reviews. As a result, we have operated on a fee-basis for all investment related business, rather than take a commission for the work that we have undertaken. Under the Retail Distribution Review, which came into effect on 1 January 2013, this is now a requirement for all financial advisers.

AM&A have a clear and simple approach which ensures the integrity of advice and delivers significant value to clients who work with us. We have a policy of openness and treating customers fairly and therefore ensure that we discuss our fees for undertaking any new or review work with you before proceeding.

Our initial meeting or conversation, without a fee or obligation is where you have the opportunity to tell us what it is you are looking to achieve. It is also the time for us to assess whether in fact we can help you.

If as a result of our initial meeting we have determined that there is a benefit in our working together, we will normally recommend preparing a report summarising the areas of advice covered at our meeting. At that point a fee will be quoted for undertaking any report work which would include our detailed recommendations.

Any additional fees for implementation work where appropriate will be clearly detailed in the recommendation report itself. In the event that any element of our recommendation includes a commission payment in respect of non-investment business, it would always be disclosed and normally offset against any implementation fee quoted.

After issuing the initial report we would suggest arranging a further meeting to consider our recommendations in detail before you make any decisions.

In keeping with our policy of openness and treating customers fairly we will always agree any fee with you in advance of engaging in any chargeable work on your behalf.