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Our Client Care Proposition

Client Care Proposition

Because we value openness and transparency in our dealings with clients, we find that charging a new fee every time a client requires our attention can sometimes get in the way of the relationship. Our annual service agreement lets you feel free to approach us for advice and for us to remain proactive on your behalf.

Reviewing and revising your investment strategy on a regular basis is crucial to achieving investment success. As part of our research process we continuously monitor our client portfolios and the individual funds within them and we recommend that we meet up with you on a regular basis to review your investment portfolio to make sure it is doing what you want it to do and advising action where appropriate.

We believe that where there is a specific cost associated with these recommendations this can lead to reluctance to act due to the need for the work to be covered by a fee payment. Our retainer proposal allows us to incorporate the cost of recurring work and removes a potential barrier to good financial management.

This agreement allows you access to our expertise throughout the year and the opportunity for you to raise any concern at any time. The agreement lets you feel free to approach us for advice and for us to approach you with ideas without obligation.

Client Care Proposition