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Our Research Process

We believe that risk management and asset allocation are the most important parts of an investment strategy; however fund selection should also reflect these requirements. Our strategy is not to try and identify the 'top' fund, but to find those that demonstrate strong management and repeatable processes.

We shortlist funds within their individual sectors based upon the views of leading independent analysts such as Morningstar OBSR, Rayner Spencer Mills Research, Square Mile Ratings, Scopic Research and Citywire. In particular we research the fund manager tenure, management strategy and various statistical data such as the fund's correlation to its asset class and volatility characteristics as well as comparative performance.

For each asset class we aim to select a core fund and a reserve core fund. These funds will demonstrate the best possible credit ratings and the most accurate fit relative to the benchmark for their asset class rather than having the best past performance record within their sector.

Using the same research procedures we also select satellite funds in order to add diversity within the asset class particularly where a client is prepared to take higher risk in order to achieve a better return. Typically these funds will show higher volatility than the funds selected for the core category.

It is our general intention to follow a 'buy and hold' strategy with the recommended funds. However, we monitor the performance and ratings of our recommended funds monthly in order to keep close check on their suitability for our portfolios and repeat and check the full research process annually.

Where we identify that previously recommended funds may not continue to fulfil our criteria, have begun to perform badly or there is another reason to seek a preferred alternative, we will advise a switch.