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Our compelling client proposition

Life coaching

We work with clients to uncover their real intent in life and what they really want to achieve. This allows any further financial planning to have a focal point to ensure that our other services meet our clients' true life goals. This service helps clients understand the importance of money in relation to their aspirations.

Financial counselling

We work with clients to help them understand the basic rules of investing. We teach clients the basics about time, costs, risk and emotions on their investment plans. We help clients understand the basic investment principles that are the bedrock of their financial plan.

Financial planning

We build a client's financial plan to meet their life's real intent. We consider the amount of time available to meet the goal, the impact of costs over time, how much risk the client is prepared to accept and how to avoid emotional investment mishaps.

Investment management

Working from our client's financial plan, we build an asset allocation and investment strategy in line with the client's time, cost, risk and emotional budgets. This ensures that our clients are able to sleep at night and always have a sound sense of the ability to meet their goals.

Asset allocation

We provide advice on the best way to shelter investments from tax and how best to provide protection for the client's (or their beneficiaries,) assets.


We meet regularly with our clients to make sure that their aspirations and their plan remain on course. We demonstrate how we are managing their investments in line with the agreed plan and make adjustments if the client's plans have changed.