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About you

You may be a business owner, high-level executive or a partner in a professional firm seeking advice on the best way to manage your personal and corporate financial affairs.

You may have recently received an inheritance or other windfall, or are looking to tax efficiently extract income or profits from your business.

You may be thinking about retirement or have recently retired and are considering ways to take advantage of the new pensions freedoms whilst preserving the value of your investments for your beneficiaries.

It is usually when faced with a major financial decision or a life event that we are required to take action. When life and work is busy, most of our time is spent focusing on other priorities, often to the detriment of our personal finances. Decisions can be put off due to a lack of time and focus to give matters proper consideration. Perhaps you have worked in the past with a number of different advisers, leaving you with a variety of financial arrangements with little cohesive strategy or structure.

It is you, your family and, if appropriate, your company that are most important to us.

The fundamental objective of our business since it was established has been to develop and cement long-term client relationships. We value these relationships highly and, because of this, the majority of our clients have been with us for many years. Our loyalty to them and theirs to us ensures that we can remain dedicated to meeting their needs and are able to make a real difference by providing a hands-on and bespoke service.

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